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Translation Services and Your Business Strategy— So Many Ways to Say Success!

When you think about revenue killers for your business, what first comes to mind? If you do business in international markets, low-quality, inaccurate translations might top your list. Despite the high stakes, some businesses continue to treat translation services as an afterthought. Thinking in these terms, it becomes evident that translation is not just another […]

Infographic: Translation Services: Debunking the Myths

Infographic: International E-commerce Localization

Infographic: Language Translation and Localization

Infographic: Ecommerce Language Trends

Infographic: Audio Visual Language Translation Services

February 3, 2017 | | Add a Comment

Translating Tech in South Korea

By: Sarah-Claire Jordan When you think of East Asia and technology, South Korea might not be the first country that comes to mind. Generally, China and Japan are the countries in that region that are most associated with technology. While they have a longer legacy of success in the tech industry, South Korea has become […]

Understanding Translation for Web Developers

By Sarah-Claire Jordan We’ve talked a fair amount by now about the role translation and marketing teams play when it comes to handling the localization of a website. Web developers, however, have a crucial role as well, as the ones literally building the website. When working on the original website in the source language, developers […]