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February 3, 2017 | | Add a Comment

Translating Tech in South Korea

By: Sarah-Claire Jordan When you think of East Asia and technology, South Korea might not be the first country that comes to mind. Generally, China and Japan are the countries in that region that are most associated with technology. While they have a longer legacy of success in the tech industry, South Korea has become […]

Understanding Translation for Web Developers

By Sarah-Claire Jordan We’ve talked a fair amount by now about the role translation and marketing teams play when it comes to handling the localization of a website. Web developers, however, have a crucial role as well, as the ones literally building the website. When working on the original website in the source language, developers […]

Tips for Multilingual Customer Support

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Making it as an international business these days is not the simplest of things. The process of taking a local business and making it global can be difficult and complicated, but it’s all worth it once you start seeing how successful your business can be in foreign markets. Also, in order to compete […]

Predictions for Future Translation Technology

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Technology is always evolving and changing, and translation technology is no exception. We have already seen quite a bit of what it could be in the future, thanks to the innovations of Google Translate, Skype, and other big name companies that have taken the time to invest in developing better machine translation and […]

Recaudos para traducir nombres de marca

Por Milagros Minguillón Cozzi La mayoría de las empresas del siglo XXI, ya sean mundiales o locales, invierten mucho tiempo y dinero en crear su propia marca, lo que incluye no solo el nombre y logo sino también una experiencia. El próximo gran paso que deberán realizar, ya sea que estén listos o no, es […]

¿Qué es la localización y cuándo debería empezar a utilizarla?

Por Milagros Minguillon Cozzi Todas las empresas, en algún momento, alcanzan su límite de ventas en el mercado local, por lo que, comienzan a pensar en los mercados internacionales para seguir creciendo y aumentando sus ventas y ganancias. Es justamente en ese momento cuando tiene lugar no sólo la traducción sino también la localización. Generalmente, […]