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Translating Tech in South Korea

By: Sarah-Claire Jordan When you think of East Asia and technology, South Korea might not be the first country that comes to mind. Generally, China and Japan are the countries in that region that are most associated with technology. While they have a longer legacy of success in the tech industry, South Korea has become […]

Mobile Language Support in India

By Sarah-Claire Jordan This is an update on what is going on in India in terms of mobile language support and localization. We last talked about it in this article back in April, but now there is more to share. Since then, the proposal that was drawn up has been approved and will go into […]

The Challenges of Sub-Saharan African Translations

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Most of the top languages for translation and marketing these days are European or Asian languages, such as Mandarin, Arabic, or French. While these are important languages to keep in mind for marketing and localization purposes, one must also think about which languages aren’t quite as popular at the moment, but have […]

Localizing in Korean

By Sarah-Claire Jordan There are about 80 million people in the world today who speak Korean, most of whom reside in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or North Korea, and the Republic of Korea, or South Korea. Since South Korea is more open to the rest of the world and thus more likely to […]

What Is Shanghainese?

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Shanghainese, also known as the Hu language as well as the Shanghai language, is actually a dialect of Wu Chinese spoken in Shanghai and neighboring areas. Sometimes, when discussing the Shanghai language in English, it is used to mean ALL Wu dialects, but linguistically this isn’t the case. It is, to be […]

Translating in India

By Sarah-Claire Jordan India is a country where over 100 major languages are spoken, 23 of which are considered official languages. Over 1500 other languages are spoken there as well. In terms of linguistic diversity, it is comparable to the European Union, especially when you look at the number of official languages rather than the […]

Dari Language Facts

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Afghanistan is a country full of diversity, both ethnic and linguistic. It has a rich history that has led to it being what it is today, which includes having two official languages: Pashto and Dari. Dari is Dari is sometimes called “Dari Persian” or even “Afghan Persian”, hinting at the fact that […]

Armenian Translation Challenges

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Armenia is a country that has gone through a lot during the over 4,000 years it has existed as a nation. Yes, that means it was around long before Christianity and a few other religions even existed. Its ancient history sheds light on early civilizations, from wineries to shoe making. It also […]