Conference Translation Services

Interpretation Services

Alpha Omega Translations offers translation of documents before conferences and real time translation services during national and international conferences.

Support Material Translation

We provide translation of all resource material for conferences, workshops, symposiums that are being held anywhere in the world such as:
syllabi, program schedules, admin notes, hand-outs, event literature, meeting agendas, advertising, reports, Websites, lead generation forms, bios, ebulletins, invitation letters, presentations, welcome packages, resource readings, concept papers, etc.

Simultaneous translation of conference documents

Simultaneous translation of conference documents is a demanding, highly skilled craft, which is used for communicating in multiple languages in sales meetings, industry conferences, training seminars, or government officials meeting on an international agenda, where the prime concern is always effective, accurate, and timely communication.
Our translators located in various countries around the world receive your documents instantly and translate them in real time. They work during the night and through different time zones to deliver your documents before your delegates meet again for their next session.
Such documents include: session reports, final reports, minutes of meetings, resolutions, country reports, international agreements, action plans, codes for International standards in all professions, speeches, opening remarks, plenary session summaries, etc.
At Alpha Omega Translations, we are committed to making every event a success. With over 12 years of experience, our knowledge and reputation is your guarantee we will provide you with a premium service. Call us to assist you in determining which system is best for your desired results and budget.

Nationwide and International Service

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