Technical Translation

Technical Translation

For the translation of your technical material, Alpha Omega Translations offers a professional technical translation service. All of our translators only work in their native language, and hold several degrees (to PhD level). All are qualified in the subject area in which they produce translations. In the case of technical translation, this can often include an engineering or science degree in the subject matter.

We use dedicated teams of multilingual project managers to manage each project and lead translators for large projects. These teams control all aspects of the project, including pre-engineering of the text, the technical translation, proofreading, artwork and post-artwork checks. Throughout the life of the project, you will be kept informed dynamically of the progress of your technical translation by our online portal or via email/telephone.

We can deliver translated technical documentation designed for both web and print publishing in SGML, XML, XHTML and PDF format.

We translate:

  • Technical Datasheets
  • Manufacturing Documents
  • Patents
  • Technical publications
  • Websites
  • Help files
  • Engineering Specification lists
  • Technical drawings
  • Diagrams, CAD Drawings
  • Automotive technical documentation
  • Large technical manuals
  • Scientific papers
  • Building technology technical literature
  • C41SR systems engineering and architecture plans
  • Technical reports on computer assisted weapons systems, radar systems, fighter planes, battleships, military aeronautical instruments, missile guidance systems, etc.
  • Technical software strings
  • Engineering specifications
  • Scientific Research literature
  • Digital Imaging technical manuals
  • Road constructions manuals
  • Military and civilian aeronautics technical documentation
  • Civil engineering technical specifications
  • Electrical engineering technical user guides
  • Energy conservation technical manuals
  • Hydraulics technical reports
  • Marine engineering technical plans
  • Mechanical engineering technical drawings
  • Medical (equipment/hardware) technical user guides
  • Mobile Radiotelephony (GSM) user manual
  • Nuclear Power technical documentation
  • Oil & Gas technical reports
  • Optics technical booklets
  • Architecture manuals
  • C41SR systems engineering and architecture plans
  • Science and Physics technical translation
  • Space technologies
  • Telecommunications technical brochures
  • Television (broadcast technology) technical documentation
  • Water purification technical manuals

Example of our work: