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Dari Language Facts

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Afghanistan is a country full of diversity, both ethnic and linguistic. It has a rich history that has led to it being what it is today, which includes having two official languages: Pashto and Dari. Dari is Dari is sometimes called “Dari Persian” or even “Afghan Persian”, hinting at the fact that […]

Farsi or Persian for Iran’s Market?

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Iran is not generally a country people think of when discussing international trade and business. Due to its tumultuous political history as recent as the 1970s, trade and business sanctions were placed on Iran that, until recently, prevented many companies and businesses from doing business with the second-largest economy in the Middle […]

Five Famous Translators to Know About

By Sarah-Claire Jordan We don’t tend to think of translators as being famous or even as important as writers, but they really do make a huge contribution to whatever sector they work in. Here are five famous ones you should know about: 1. Edith Grossman Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Edith Grossman ended up being one […]

Afghan Culture: Some Things to Know

By Sarah-Claire Jordan We know now a bit more about the different linguistic and ethnic groups that make up Afghanistan, but we still could benefit from knowing a bit more about how the people there live.A language may be the key to understanding the culture of the people who speak it, but culture is the […]

Ethnolinguistic Groups of Afghanistan

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Afghanistan has always been a country with a huge diversity of ethnolinguistic groups. Much of this may be attributed to the fact that it has long been a bridge between the Middle East and the rest of Asia. This means that many ethnolinguistic groups originally from other areas may have passed through […]

Top Three Languages of Indonesia

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Indonesia is often one of those countries that Americans know very little about, unless they have made it a point to read about or have visited it. Most people know that it can be found somewhere in the south of the Pacific Ocean, more or less in between mainland Asia and Australia, […]

Three Reasons Persian is Important

By Sarah-Claire Jordan The word “Persian” nowadays has the tendency to evoke feelings of an ancient time and place that doesn’t exist anymore the way it did before. However, in Iran and a few other countries, the language of the Persian Empire lives on, albeit in a modernized form. Persian is the official language of […]

What Languages are Spoken in Afghanistan?

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Though once a reasonably peaceful country, in the past 20 years or so it has been ravaged by civil war and occupation by other countries. The media coverage in the U.S. tends to paint it as a country full of Muslim extremists who are more or less grouped in with the rest […]