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Four Interesting Facts About Norwegian

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Norwegian is part of the North Germanic language family and is mostly spoken in Norway, though it can be found in other Scandinavian countries as well. Like all Scandinavian languages, Norwegian traces its roots back to Old Norse. Norwegian shares many characteristics with the other Scandinavian languages as well as the rest […]

What is the Difference between Nordic and Scandinavian

By Sarah-Claire Jordan A lot of people in the United States in particular (sorry, but we are notorious for not knowing much about the rest of the world), when asked what the difference between Nordic and Scandinavian is, would probably either say “nothing” or that Nordic has to do with the Vikings, but Scandinavian talks […]

10 Things to Know about North Germanic Languages

The North Germanic languages are a group of languages that together form a branch of the Germanic languages. There are three branches of Germanic languages, though one branch, the East Germanic languages, no longer exists. The other branch is the West Germanic languages, which includes German, Dutch, and Afrikaans as well as other languages. You […]

Is English a Scandinavian Language?

By Sarah-Claire Jordan If you have ever talked to someone in English whose native tongue is a Scandinavian language, you probably noticed that they speak almost perfect English. The same thing happens with native German speakers, as German is very similar to English, but it might be less obvious as to why native speakers of […]

Pite-Saami, an Endangered Scandinavian Language

Any image of the Ice Age gives us a wizened earth, barren and stony, abdicated to the powerful and relentless freezing of the poles. A few of these glaciers, silently introduced between high and mighty cliffs where lies modern day Scandinavia, would alter the landscape for millenniums to come. Amidst the Norweigan fjords, however, one […]