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Turkish to Arabic Translation

By Sarah-Claire Jordan With all that is going on in and around Turkey, it would make sense that we would see an increase in the demand for translations from Turkish into other languages. Turkish itself is mutually intelligible with many other Turkic languages, but the majority of the population still speaks Turkish. This means most […]

5 Facts About Turkish

By Sarah-Claire Jordan An official language in three countries and native to ten nations total, Turkish is the most widely-spoken of the Turkic languages. The other languages in that family include Azerbaijani, Qashqai, Turkmen, and some 30 others, all living, that are spoken from Eastern Europe all the way to Siberia. Turkish, however, is the […]

The Four Most Common Languages of Turkey

By Sarah-Claire Jordan The Republic of Turkey is a country full of history, architecture, flavors, and culture. Once the center of the great Ottoman Empire, and inhabited for centuries before that, the extent of cultural exchange that occurred, and still occurs, in Turkey is astounding. Its strategic location straddling Asia and Europe made it an […]

Three Ways Turkish Influenced Cappadocian Greek

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Cappadocian Greek is a dialect of Greek that originally developed in a region of Turkey known as Cappadocia. It was at one point a part of the Byzantine empire, which was just a part of the Roman empire where many people spoke Greek. Originally, this would have been Byzantine Greek, whose influence […]

Whistled Languages: The Bird Sounds from Turkey

In the Pontic mountains facing the Black Sea a flurry of white tents and wooden stands take shape in the lush and narrow valley. Kusköy, a remote Turkish village, is poised to become a center of attraction for the duration of its annual festival. Hazelnuts, tea, and other local products bellow out their aromas into […]