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Alpha Omega Translations provides telephone interpreting services for clients who need to communicate with non-English speakers around the world within seconds.

Our multilingual solutions allow us to offer telephone interpreting in 210 languages to businesses and government agencies working in every industry. Companies across every major industry use our telephone interpreting service to get the cultural support they need. Examples of the success of our interpreting services can be found below.


Mariam is an immigrant mother from Senegal with a three-month baby boy. Her baby was born three months ago with a congenital hart defect. He is going to be treated with surgery, cardiac catheterization and medication. Mariam does not speak English and is concerned about the surgery and the medical treatment to follow. With the help of a Wolof interpreter, she feels more comfortable with the situation. The interpreter translates the instructions from the medical staff over the phone, and asks her to repeat them to make sure she understands the medical procedure and her role in the treatment of her son.

Industrial Mining

A US based mining company is getting ready to perform a preliminary exploration in Uzbekistan and wants to discuss some technical issues with a French company who just finished a project in the same region. Main subjects discussed were the disposal of mineral wastes, handling of tailings, their effect on agricultural and aquatic systems of the area, possible damage to farmland, and riverbeds. Discussions also broached the employment of local workers, techniques and material used for drilling in hard soil. A French highly qualified linguist familiar with mining procedures and industry-specific terminology helped the two companies understand issues at hand and felicitate planning of mining operations of the American company.


Tommaso and his wife Gina arrived in Miami airport from Italy on Sunday evening and rented a car at the airport. This is their first visit to the United States and they are very excited to spend their vacation in Florida. On their way to Orlando, not familiar with the driving rules in the US, Tommaso gets into an accident with two other cars. Police and the tow truck arrive at the scene very quickly but Tommaso and Gina speak little English, making it difficult to communicate with all parties involved. He is quickly connected to an Italian Interpreter who helps him through the incident and puts him in touch with his insurance agent to file his claim.

Financial Services

Anna has submitted an application for a mortgage loan to her bank. She wants to talk to the bank who refused the loan based on the fact that she has cancer. She has been working very hard for several years to save money to be able to buy her own house. She is very emotional about the fact that the bank declined her application. Her limited English and her emotional state of mind make it difficult to express her thought in a clear manner. The Spanish interpreter helps her convey her message in a calm manner and obtain a second review of her loan application. Anna left the telephone conversation with a more serene and hopeful state of mind.


Zhang moved in his new house a couple of months ago. He received his first electricity bill but can’t understand it and needs to speak with his utility company. He calls our telephone interpreting service line and gets a Chinese interpreter immediately. He is then connected to the electricity company and with the help of his interpreter, in addition to receiving explanations about his bill, he learns how to report a service issue, inquire about a payment or switch service plans. Zhang has now settled nicely in his new home and feels he is in control of his surroundings.


Life is complicated for a political refugee like Ahmed. He was granted asylum a few weeks ago but with the support of friends and family he now has to learn to find his way through the immigration maze. The paperwork is a daunting task but his personal certificates are being translated quickly. With the assistance of an Arabic telephone interpreter Ahmed can discuss his situation with the social services agency and receive the assistance he needs to make a smooth transition in his host country.

Contact Centers

A call center of a company has bilingual agents on staff around-the-clock for several major languages, but once in a while they have customers who speak less common languages. Instead of hiring a full time interpreter for situations where they receive a few Swahili calls a week, they are able to get a qualified Swahili interpreter on the line within just seconds, while paying for services on a per-minute basis. The benefits are double: this set up allows them to benefit from more satisfied customers and reduced call center costs.


"The interpreting was tremendously helpful -- we really couldn't have accomplished all we accomplished without Belinda's help. I'll definitely recommend Alpha Omega for similarly-situated attorneys."


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