Why Us?

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Why Alpha Omega Translations as Your Translation Partner?

  • Experience
    Our experts have been very successful in executing high-end multilingual projects for over a decade. We have over 15 years of experience as an agency in translation, editing, proofreading, localization, typesetting, and linguistic consulting in all languages.
  • All-round project management
    We have a very flexible and efficient project management system with a continuous live connection to our experts. 
Even when you have a specific question in a certain language combination, we can answer your question in minutes, as our linguists are live at our fingertips to answer your question immediately.
  • Technology
    Our experts use TRADOS, WORDFAST, SDLX and other CAT tools, which aid translation and ensure terminological consistency across projects. We separate the art (language) from the science (code) and then fuse them together seamlessly and efficiently allowing language and technical experts each to work together.
  • Quality
    Target-language texts are checked following a Team approach with a Front Translation Team consisting of at least two Translators specialized in the subject matter of the document to be translated (primary translation + subsequent revision), an independent linguistic Translation Reviewer (+ subsequent finalization), a Back Translator, and an independent Industry Reviewer.
  • Reliability
    Tight deadlines for all multilingual projects are tackled on a regular basis for customer satisfaction. Thoroughness, accuracy, deadlines kept: these will never be compromised.
  • Resilience
    Helpfulness and accommodation to clients’ needs are our top priority. We deliver projects at night, over the week-end and during any holiday.
  • Experts
    We have invested in an extremely competent and competitive freelancer database created over 15 years, its day-to-day maintenance, updating and enlarging. All our translators, editors, interpreters, and localizers are native speakers of their target language(s) and have one or more university degrees in their specialties (law, medicine, finance, commerce, engineering, journalism, etc.) Our translator selection is based on rigorous criteria and test translations.

We strive not only to make each and every client fully satisfied, but also to ensure that their end-users are satisfied. We raise the standards in the industry and we have fulfilled our duty when our clients’ end-users are successful. You shouldn’t accept anything less from your translation vendors!

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