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Ready to Grow Your International Business? Encourage Employees to Learn a Language.

While it’s true that English remains the dominant language of international business, it is a mistake to think that Americans don’t need to invest time and effort learning another language. Multilingual technical translation along with other translation and localization services can help. But there is no doubt that investing in a culture of respect for […]

Expert Tips to Save You Time and Money by Keeping Your Translation Project Moving Forward

One of the most challenging aspects of any technical translation project is keeping the project on track. Technical manuals translation services typically involve translation, editing for style and consistency, and proofreading. With so many moving parts, coordination is key to getting high quality results within a reasonable timeframe. This means that beyond making sure that […]

Looking for a Foreign Investor? Find an Approach that Really Speaks Their Language.

Businesses at all different stages find themselves in need of investors, but many struggle to find them. This is especially true of businesses that limit their search to US funding sources. However, if your company is ready to expand overseas, financial translation services can help you tap into the foreign capital, talent, and technology that could […]

Special Challenges Require Special Expertise—The Keys to Accurate Technical Translation.

Multilingual technical translation is a special challenge for translation experts and often their clients. Unlike other types of translation projects, the goals for technical translation require that translators understand more both about the target language, culture, and market and about the subject matter itself. This special challenge for multilingual technical translation means that highly skilled […]

The Importance of Proper Translation and Localization for Clinical Trials

While the bulk of clinical research trials during the past decade have been conducted in predominantly English-speaking nations, like the US, recent years have shown a shift toward globalization. With the rise in clinical trials being conducted outside of the US, the demand for a pharmaceuticals translation agency that can accurately represent the outcome of […]

Learn to Go Beyond Marketing Translation Services with These Bilingual Marketing Strategies.

Effectively engaging bilingual audiences is a challenge for many businesses. Reaching those who will benefit from your product or service without being perceived as pandering is always a delicate line to walk. Fortunately, there are marketing translation services that can make your job easier. If you aren’t considering creating bilingual marketing content, you are simply […]

How to Expand Your Business Internationally: It All Starts with the Right Partners.

Thanks to the Internet, digital technology, and resources like reliable business translation services, the world is becoming smaller. And many businesses, especially in digital fields, are wisely seizing the opportunity to expand overseas. If your business is one of them, you will want to do your research before diving in. But even with proper planning, […]

Report: Reviving the Nearly Lost Art of Whistled Language in Greece

Introduction Tucked away in a remote village on the Greek Island of Evia (see map below) is a quiet reminder of the joys of living a simple life. The 37, mostly elderly, inhabitants of Antia live a humble agrarian lifestyle against the backdrop of one of the most incredible natural environments on Earth. But their […]