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Learn to Go Beyond Marketing Translation Services with These Bilingual Marketing Strategies.

Effectively engaging bilingual audiences is a challenge for many businesses. Reaching those who will benefit from your product or service without being perceived as pandering is always a delicate line to walk. Fortunately, there are marketing translation services that can make your job easier. If you aren’t considering creating bilingual marketing content, you are simply […]

How to Expand Your Business Internationally: It All Starts with the Right Partners.

Thanks to the Internet, digital technology, and resources like reliable business translation services, the world is becoming smaller. And many businesses, especially in digital fields, are wisely seizing the opportunity to expand overseas. If your business is one of them, you will want to do your research before diving in. But even with proper planning, […]

Report: Reviving the Nearly Lost Art of Whistled Language in Greece

Introduction Tucked away in a remote village on the Greek Island of Evia (see map below) is a quiet reminder of the joys of living a simple life. The 37, mostly elderly, inhabitants of Antia live a humble agrarian lifestyle against the backdrop of one of the most incredible natural environments on Earth. But their […]

Language Development and the Effects of Geography on Human Communication

  Tracing language development is a complicated process. Linguists continue to unravel mysteries such as who were the first humans to communicate using speech and how did they manage to spread their ancient mother tongue around the globe. But even if we haven’t figured it all out, we have learned a great deal about specific […]

Alpha Omega Translations Tapped as New VEDP International Trade Partner

Press Release Alpha Omega Translations Tapped as New VEDP International Trade Partner Contact: Dimitra Hengen, 703-768-2535 Alexandria, VA, June 22, 2017 Alpha Omega Translations, a professional translation company offering translation and localization in more than 200 languages, announces that the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) has selected Alpha Omega Translations to be a new VEDP […]

Why Global Diversity Depends on Preserving Endangered Languages.

You’ve probably heard that Eskimos have more than 50 words for ‘snow’. But as Inuit languages decline and younger generations tend toward English, the beautiful complexity of these and other endangered languages is getting lost. Unless you’ve studied linguistics, it is difficult to grasp the vast scope and extraordinary variety within the world’s languages. For […]

Quality Healthcare Translation Services: The ‘Why’ and the ‘How’

In our most recent blog post, we provided a quick guide to medical document translation services. Expanding upon a key point in that guide, this post takes a more in-depth look at the special quality assurance issues related to healthcare translation services. As with any other translation need, accuracy, clarity, and consistency are top priorities […]

Your Quick Guide to Medical Document Translation Services

  Most global healthcare professionals have faced the need to have documents available in multiple languages. And yet, there are currently no universally accepted guidelines or standards for managing health document translation services. As a result most global healthcare organizations are forced to translate documents on a case-by-case basis or—what’s worse—scramble to find available interpreters […]