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Alpha Omega Translations specializes in translating your content into a new language in a manner that is not only accurate, but culturally sound. We do not create literal translation, but adapt your text into a specific market so that it reads naturally to a native speaker. We offer Georgian to English and English to Georgian translation services with a specialty in the following:

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About The Georgian Language

Georgian is a Kartvelian or South Caucasian language with about 4 million speakers.

The Georgian language is found mostly in Georgia, but can also be found in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Iran, and Azerbaijan. Speakers of three other Kartvelian languages, Svans, Mingrelians and Laz, use Georgian as a literary language.

"I have used AOT and I was thrilled with the quality of their work, their turnaround time and their professionalism. We had an immediate need with an impending deadline. AOT translated five technical documents into two different languages within 24 hours. They responded immediately and gave us great service with a smile!! We will definitely use them again."

-Jon Rutenberg, Computer Consultants Corporation

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About the Georgian Language

Professional Georgian Translation ServicesGeorgian emerged as its own separate language by the 1st millennium BC, when it was home to the Kingdom of Iberia.

At first, there was no written form of Georgian, and a type of Aramaic, Armazuli, was used instead. By 430 AD, with the rising popularity of Christianity, a writing system was developed so sacred texts could be written in Georgian. The first alphabet was called Asomtavruli and is believed to have been based on the Greek alphabet.

The alphabet used today is called Mkhedruli, and was first used to print a Georgian-Italian dictionary in Rome in 1629. Georgian grammar is interesting as there is a rich system of word derivation. Essentially, any root can have a number of prefixes and suffixes added to it to create many different nouns and adjectives. The Georgian counting system is based on twenty, just like the Basque and French systems.

At Alpha Omega Translations it is our priority to ensure your Georgian translation is relevant to the specific market and geographic area you are targeting. We have professional Georgian translators who are native speakers of the language, allowing us to provide you with fast, accurate translations.

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