Our Platform

 Management System

Our Translation Management System manages our translation, editing, reviewing, communications, and quality management systems and tools.

Within a configurable system, various functions and extensions of our platform are adapted to the individual needs of our clients and provide a high degree of automation and flexibility.

We have built a flexible, powerful system for managing translation and localization. Along with a customizable translation workflow, contextual translation interface, and intuitive dashboard, our TMS includes powerful management tools to ensure accurate translations, lower costs, and direct communication with our translators.

Translation Workflow

We customize the translation workflow within the TMS. We set up translation, editing, and review with professional linguists for whatever workflow works best for your project.

Translation Memory

Translations done by Alpha Omega translations are automatically saved to a database, known as Translation Memory (TM), which can then be leveraged for future translations to cut costs and speed up terminology harmonization across all projects.

Style Guide & Glossary

Translators can access your Style Guide and Glossary, along with the Translation memory and reference documents at all times in the Translator Interface. Glossary terms are also highlighted in the Interface for translation consistency.

Direct Communication

You can view histories for all translations, and retrieve previous translations delivered months ago. These histories are also viewable in the Translator Interface, resulting in less e-mail and more context.

Translation Technology

We use MemoQ, SDLTrados and WordFast to best leverage previously translated material and provide consistent quality. All of these systems are integrated into our TMS, which in turn can be connected to your workflow system. They allow us to crowdsource the translation request meaning we can place many translators onto an urgent project for a short period of time to complete it quickly. Our TMS includes an online community allowing people to communicate, collaborate and translate your documents quicker than you thought possible. Using our Translation Memory Engine we can place hundreds of people on your project to work on it simultaneously.

Our team provides technical account management and support for your project, including integration, translation management, and workflows. For each of your projects, we build a team with professional translators, editors, reviewers, language service providers (LSPs), Desktop Publishers across the globe.

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Our Translation Management System offers many advantages:

  • A single web-based platform allowing access from anywhere and from any device
  • Increased workflow automation
  • A user-friendly interface for requesting, handling and tracking projects, quotes, payables and receivables
  • More control and up-to-date project information for customers who can now view all key project information at one glance.
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