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Localization Pro Tips

By Sarah-Claire Jordan If you are the owner of a business or company that would like to branch out and reach markets beyond those in your own country, then localization is your new best buddy. Localization is simply the process of taking translation further, and making it relevant and culturally-sensitive for those who will be […]

Localizing in Korean

By Sarah-Claire Jordan There are about 80 million people in the world today who speak Korean, most of whom reside in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or North Korea, and the Republic of Korea, or South Korea. Since South Korea is more open to the rest of the world and thus more likely to […]

What Is Shanghainese?

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Shanghainese, also known as the Hu language as well as the Shanghai language, is actually a dialect of Wu Chinese spoken in Shanghai and neighboring areas. Sometimes, when discussing the Shanghai language in English, it is used to mean ALL Wu dialects, but linguistically this isn’t the case. It is, to be […]

The Subtleties of Japanese Translation

By Sarah-Claire Jordan I know we already have several articles about Japanese on this blog already, but it is a language that deserves at least ten different articles in order to cover everything pertinent to Japanese translation. Japanese is one of those languages that, on the surface, seems to share a lot with others, but […]

What Makes Japanese Localization Unique

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Japan is huge, and has been for a while now, in terms of international business. It is a small group of islands, but it still has been such a technology powerhouse that much of the rest of the world has come to think of Japanese products as the best quality. This reputation […]

Japanese Language Facts

By Sarah-Claire Jordan In the business world of today, you can’t get away with just knowing and working with English. There are so many other markets out there to reach if you take the time to learn about the culture and language, and Japan is one of those markets. Of course, getting a better idea […]

Translating Chinese Social Media

By Sarah-Claire Jordan China has been the largest country in terms of population for a long time now, and shows no sign of slowing down in that sector. With so many people living in a country that excels in technology and manufacturing, it just makes sense that a large majority of the population would be […]

Southeast Asian Technical Translations

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Southeast Asia includes any nation east of India, south of China, west of New Guinea, and north of Australia. The region is full of linguistic, cultural, and ethnic diversity, making it an interesting market to try to target. There is also a lot of development in terms of manufacturing and technology, as […]