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Quality Healthcare Translation Services: The ‘Why’ and the ‘How’

In our most recent blog post, we provided a quick guide to medical document translation services. Expanding upon a key point in that guide, this post takes a more in-depth look at the special quality assurance issues related to healthcare translation services. As with any other translation need, accuracy, clarity, and consistency are top priorities […]

Your Quick Guide to Medical Document Translation Services

  Most global healthcare professionals have faced the need to have documents available in multiple languages. And yet, there are currently no universally accepted guidelines or standards for managing health document translation services. As a result most global healthcare organizations are forced to translate documents on a case-by-case basis or—what’s worse—scramble to find available interpreters […]

Best Practices: Preparing Communications for Video Graphics Localization

Have you ever been frustrated about spending a great deal of money on your videos and multimedia presentations only to have an unexpected revision require additional resources or even re-recording at a later date? If so, then you understand some of the complexities of video graphics localization and adaptation for multilingual communications. One way to […]

Savvy Professionals Protect Against Language Translation Services Scams

Cybercrime is a huge concern for nearly every industry and language translation services is no exception. Companies around the world lose billions in revenue each year to cyber scams and nefarious individuals posing as legitimate businesses. In fact, IBM President and CEO, Ginni Rometty calls cybercrime “the greatest threat to every profession, every industry, every […]

Looking to Cut Corners on Video Translation? Read This First.

When it comes to translating your English videos for foreign audiences, the range of options available can be overwhelming. There are many tools available promising quick solutions to translate and localize your videos. But how do you know what’s right for your audience? How can you trust these tools to provide an accurate and high-quality […]

Infographic: Make Your Website Global

Infographic: Website Localization

Translation Services and Your Business Strategy— So Many Ways to Say Success!

When you think about revenue killers for your business, what first comes to mind? If you do business in international markets, low-quality, inaccurate translations might top your list. Despite the high stakes, some businesses continue to treat translation services as an afterthought. Thinking in these terms, it becomes evident that translation is not just another […]