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Infographic: International E-commerce Localization

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Infographic: Language Translation and Localization

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Infographic: Ecommerce Language Trends

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February 3, 2017 | | Add a Comment
Professional Zulu Translation Services

Professional Zulu Translation Services

  Get High-Quality Translations At Competitive Prices What Is Zulu? Zulu is part of the Bantu language family, specifically categorized as a Nguni language, just like Xhosa and a handful of other languages. All of the Nguni languages are mutually intelligible, but are not dialects of the same language. Zulu is also known as isiZulu, […]

Yoruba translation services

Professional Yoruba Translation Services

  Budget-Friendly Translations in No Time Looking for a cost-effective and easy way to translate your materials? Our technology based workflow system will expedite your projects. Five Things to Know About Yoruba It is one of the main languages of Nigeria, and is actually a pluricentric language, which means there are several standard versions of […]

Tamil translation services

Professional Tamil Translation Services

  The Best Translations for Your Needs Looking for a cost-effective and easy way to get your website translated into or out of Finnish? We have website translation technology to simplify the process and still ensure you have quality human translations We make it easy for you to get videos and games translated within your timeframe and […]

Professional Romanian Translation Services

Professional Romanian Translation Services

  Great Translations at Great Prices Translation technology and services are advancing at rapid speed. Are you getting left behind with an outdated translation process? Romanian is a Romance language in the Baltic language group that is the official language of both Romania and Moldova. Besides that, it is spoken by immigrants in many other […]