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September 20, 2016 |

By Sarah-Claire Jordan

blog-translating-for-international-development-photoInternational development, also known as global development, is one of those things that doesn’t have a clear, set definition. It has, however, come to be synonymous with the efforts of international organizations to improve certain conditions in some countries, such as healthcare, poverty, unemployment, and inequality. Though the idea has been around longer, it has only been put into practice beginning in the second half of the 201th century. That being said, it is a rather new concept in the grand scheme of things.

Most people know there are disaster relief and humanitarian aid organizations that work to help those affected by natural disasters, war, and other tragedies. While these groups might do work similar to global development organizations, their work is not meant to be sustained over a long period of time. International development is a long process, and perhaps one that never quite ends, as there will always be something that needs improving. The temporary solutions that disaster relief and aid organizations implement would not do well in the international development sector, where sustainability is key.

In the past couple of decades, it seems that global development has become its own sector almost, with new organizations being created each year, each with a different niche to fill. These can vary greatly from one to another, but, to be successful, they all need a few things: a website, social media presence, and a blog. All of these are connected, of course, but the blog aspect might be the most important of the three, because it is meant to speak directly to possible collaborators, government officials, investors, and more.

A blog is the most intimate feature of an organization’s online presence, regardless of which kind. They are there to lay bare what it is that an organization does, how they go about doing it, the successes and failures they have had, and so much more. Besides that, blogs serve as an educational tool to spread knowledge that might not be spread anywhere else. Yes, they also serve as a way of attracting potential clients, investors, and more, but they wouldn’t be a good tool for that if they didn’t also hit those other marks as well. Blogging has become a full-time job for many people, and those who have been able to make a career out of it know what it takes to get one up and running, and to keep it running and serving all of its purposes.

When we talk about blogs and international development, there is a key word that must not be ignored: international. This means that people all over the world will be interested in reading it, but might not be able to do so if it isn’t in their native language. Since global development work relies so heavily on communication across borders, it is imperative that the blog of such an organization is translated into as many languages as possible. Of course, this should be done by a professional and experienced translator, not just a bilingual staff member. Connecting linguistically is the first step towards being able to work together on projects to create a brighter present and future for developing nations.

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