Why Do Soil Science Experts Need Translators?

December 23, 2015 |

By Sarah-Claire Jordan

Agricultural translationMost of you have a good idea of what translators do, but what about soil science experts? Soil science is a broad category of science that includes any field where the soil of the earth is studied. This might be chemically, biologically, geologically, or simply physically. All kinds of scientists and other professionals work with soil to keep track of a huge number of things, from fertility and erosion to the types of bacteria and microorganisms living in it.

It might seem like a stretch to say that translators and anyonewho works in the field of soil science would end up working together, but the two groups need each other more than ever at this point. Here’s why:

Soil science experts are working hard to solve the water crisis

This is probably one of the most difficult issues the planet has had to face in centuries. Scientists who concentrate on the earth’s soil are focusing on things like erosion, namely how to prevent it and how to keep it from causing more damage. Sediment studies are important for figuring out the best ways to keep soil and water separate when they need to be for human use. Once all of those studies are done in any given country, a translation team is necessary in order to spread the newfound knowledge to other parts of the world so everyone can benefit from it.

All things agricultural are directly linked to the soil

It sounds obvious, but this is still important to point out. Research in soil science is imperative to help us find solutions to the global problem of feeding a growing population, not to mention making sure other animals have enough to eat. The issue of growing food is more than just how to grow the most, however. It involves thinking about the environmental impact in terms of waste produced and habitats destroyed, among other things. Translators provide the indispensable service of making this information available to the whole world, which is imperative as this is something that affects the entire world, regardless of language.

Soil contamination needs to be controlled

With our world becoming increasingly industrialized, one of the repercussions, among many others, is contamination of the very soil of the earth. This affects everything that depends on the soil, like the plants we eat and the livestock that eats those plants as well. On top of that, since water and soil have such an intimate relationship, this contamination can easily taint our water supply and lead to all kinds of illnesses. Some countries have discovered novel ways to deal with this issue and want to share them, but without translators this is simply not possible.

Alpha Omega Translations is a translation, interpretation, and desktop publishing company that is committed to using translation and similar tools to make the world a better place. Translating important soil science research would help the world immensely and lead to better communication between the scientific communities of the world.

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