Doing Business Across the Globe With the Help of a Skilled Translation Partner

Have you ever stopped to think about the true value of finding an excellent translator? The real value of quality technical manuals translation services goes beyond transferring your content into a different language. An excellent translator is essentially a foreign language consultant.

technical manuals translation services

Aside from simply translating technical phrases from one language to another, a skilled translator plays the role of your readers’ ally, for instance, identifying better ways to strike a chord with your audience and drawing your attention to the potential for awkward miscommunications.

Finding this type of translator is especially important for any business owner looking to enter a foreign market where he or she is not a native speaker. Without the right technical manuals translation services, there is a good chance that differences in educational or cultural backgrounds will make it difficult to establish or sustain business, especially in non-Western markets such as China. So, let’s consider in what ways translators are your readers’ ally.

1. Fact-Checking

 When it comes to technical manuals translation services, accuracy is the most important goal. Thus, you need a linguist who demonstrates excellent attention to detail. One aspect of thi

s is double-checking facts whenever possible. For instance, a technical manual translation may require measurements being converted from the imperial system to the metric system. Your translator can and should double-check the conversions as part of the project. Obviously, if the measurements are off, this can have negative consequences for your users as well as for your bottom line as you work to move into the new market.

2. Removing Jargon

 Technical writers tend to use a lot of industry-specific jargon. However, dependin

g on the target audience for your manual, some or all of the jargon may need to be removed. It’s important to remember that experts in the US learn most industry-specific jargon during their years of formal education. But as you expand into other markets, it’s possible that your technical manuals will be used by people with much less formal education. Often your translator can advise you about the likely educational level of your intended readers.

Because removing jargon and achieving accuracy for technical projects requires research in a particular industry to find the right word, finding a translator with subject-matter expertise is key. Your translator may even need to create a new word in some cases.

3. Reorganizing and Restructuring

 Your translator can also be a strong ally for your end-users by offering recommendations for reorganizing and restructuring your text. Although you may think of this as work that an editor would do and not something you would necessarily employ technical manuals translati

on services to accomplish, a poorly organized document will affect the quality of the translation in the end.

In addition, the act of translating requires understanding the value of the source text within the framework of the source-language discourse. To develop such understanding, the translator must be aware of cultural differences and discourse strategies in both the source and target languages. As you might imagine, all of this will entail closely scrutinizing the structure of any document a translator receives.

If it helps, you can think of your translator as doing double duty for you. Not only is she providing an accurate translation, she also adds another layer of editing protection. Besides cultural differences can create differences in readers’ preferences when it comes to the organization of a text. For example, Italian readers tend to prefer longer sentences and paragraphs than English speakers. You will want a translator who can adapt your text in all the necessary ways for your target language.

Tips for Finding a Skilled Translator

In a previous article, we discussed the characteristics to look for in a great translator. Additionally, here are some tips for finding a skilled translator for your next project:

  • Always request a sample translation: Once you have screened potential translators, send a sample document and request a pricing quote, so you know what you’re dealing with.
  • Decide whether an ongoing or short-term project is best: If you are looking to build a team around this new foreign market and have a need for long-term technical manuals translation services, then it may make senseto sign an ongoing contract with a vendor. Otherwise, occasional needs can often be handled on an hourly basis.
  • Find someone who is proactive and a strong communicator: Doing business globally is exhilarating, but it is also complicated. A good translator will be able to predict at least some of the bumps along the way and be ready to handle any unforeseen setbacks.

When you seek out technical manuals translation services, it’s good to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Fixing a bad translation can take twice as much time as simply starting from scratch. So it pays to get it right the first time. At Alpha Omega, we only hire certified and highly skilled translators as part of our technical translations team. Request your free quote today or email us at with any questions about your project.

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