Looking to Cut Corners on Video Translation? Read This First.

March 17, 2017 |

When it comes to translating your English videos for foreign audiences, the range of options available can be overwhelming. There are many tools available promising quick solutions to translate and localize your videos. But how do you know what’s right for your audience? How can you trust these tools to provide an accurate and high-quality video translation?

video translationOf course no business wants to spend money unnecessarily. It can be so tempting to ask a friend or employee to help translate. However, if you ask someone you know, there’s a good chance they will overstate their translation abilities and understate their weaknesses because they really want to help out.

The high costs of low quality video translation.

Before you decide to cutting corners though, weigh the real costs and benefits carefully. Consider just a few of the high costs of low quality video translation: fewer video shares and views; a bruised reputation with foreign audiences; decreased customer satisfaction; and decreased sales. There are times when having a poor quality or incomplete translation can actually be worse than having no translation at all.

When you factor in the true costs of poor quality video translation, it makes sense to find a professional translation service you trust to translate your videos. It is crucial for any international business to get video translation right.

Now that we have a clear idea of the pitfalls of low quality language services. Let’s dig into some of the wonderful advantages of using professional translation services to translate your videos.

1. Quality Guaranteed.

With the complex nature of industries such as law and medical services, it is obvious how critical quality translation is to serving customers outside of your organization’s primary language. You need professional interpreters on your side who can translate complex ideas and concepts in multiple ways to help clients with various needs.

As in any other industry, the translation experts, who can provide the best results, tend to be seasoned professionals. Because you invest in your business, you prefer to partner with other business that make smart investments. Professional translation services invest in high quality software, interpreters with the necessary credentials, and strict guidelines to ensure consistency across the board.

2. Ensured Professionalism.

You have spent time and resources creating professional videos for your business, you want professional language services to match. A professional translation service will not only provide you with a flawless translation, but also advice about production and design.

For example, professional interpreters with audio and video experience can help you to figure out whether lip-syncing or voice-over is most appropriate for the type of video content you want translated. Lip-syncing is best when there is a lot of on-screen talking, whereas voice-over is a more economical way to create foreign language versions of your videos.

For further information about the professional audio and video options available, see our services page. Our professional experts are always happy to advise you concerning your customers’ unique requirements.

3. Consistency and Specialization.

Finally, one of the most important advantages gained from using a professional service to translate your organization’s videos is consistency and specialization. We know that one of the main factors in effective communication is consistency. Inconsistent communication can result in customers lost.

In the business world, high turnover rates among employees is not uncommon. If you hire an in-house translator you risk having to hire again down the road. And more importantly, there’s no guarantee that the next translator you hire will translate text in the exact same way.

Outsourcing your video translation needs to a professional service is a great alternative. With a trusted service, you can be certain that the interpreters are held to the highest standards of consistency in terminology.

In addition, a professional service with multiple interpreters specializing in different aspects of language allows you the versatility you need without the hassle of having to hire several full time staff members. The skills needed to translate internal training videos, for instance, are different from those needed to interpret a complex contract negotiation in real time.

Make sure to discuss all of your company’s potential needs with your translation service provider to get the best available pricing and quality results.

At Alpha Omega Translations, we understand how overwhelming the choices for video and audio translation services can be for business owners. That’s why we work closely with you to determine the best way to adapt your materials for your target market before starting production.

Our process includes client review, feedback, and approval as essential for producing the product that best suits your needs. We guarantee that the foreign language version is equal to the English original in all aspects.

Our audio and visual translation services professionals have prepared language localization of films, videos, presentations, and multimedia for more than 15 years. Let us put our expertise to work for you. Request a quote today!

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