Some Challenges of DTP

May 11, 2016 |

By Sarah-Claire Jordan

Some Challenges of DTP photoDTP, or desktop publishing, refers to the process of creating professional quality printed documents with a personal computer and a DTP program, as opposed to having a professional service do it for you. It has revolutionized the way we create printed documents now, as we don’t have to rely on expensive services and can design layout and everything else to our exact specifications. This doesn’t mean, however, that DTP is perfect and the best way to go about creating printed documents. It has its own challenges, some of which we will discuss.

The first challenge one might encounter when using a DTP program is that there may be a steep learning curve depending on the program. Some programs are very similar to many word-processing programs, but with a few added features, and so aren’t too difficult to get a good handle on. Others, however, have so many features that some people might get a bit lost. Luckily, there are usually tutorials that everyone can access online and for free or at least cheaply. Another solution is to simply work with a DTP expert who has experience using many programs.

Besides DTP being a real skill that one must master, there is also the issue of small business owners taking on DTP projects that they simply do not have the time to complete properly. More often than not, DTP projects will take priority over everything else. This is a mistake, and can be remedied by not relying on amateur DTP specialists to do the work of a professional. The best way to deal with any DTP project is to send it to an expert, if you are not one yourself and don’t have one on your team.

If you have no other choice except to handle DTP projects yourself, then at least take the time to find some tutorials for the program you are using. There are also numerous guides you can follow that will give you an idea of the do’s and don’ts that most non-specialists are not aware of. The creation of more accessible DTP programs may be at fault, but having a general knowledge of how a program works is not enough to create a printed document that can compete with those created by professionals. Guidelines need to be researched and then followed.

Finally, some businesses and organizations use DTP when they really don’t need to. This comes down to having an awareness of what kind of business or organization you are, and what kinds of advertising works best for your sector. Many businesses can benefit from creating their own brochures and guides, but some businesses would be wasting time, money, and resources to create something that will bring in no more customers than their other marketing tactics. Before using DTP, it is advisable to assess how much your business really needs DTP and what kinds of it would be most beneficial. This will prevent resources from being squandered on advertising that won’t make much of a difference.

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