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Predictions for Future Translation Technology

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Technology is always evolving and changing, and translation technology is no exception. We have already seen quite a bit of what it could be in the future, thanks to the innovations of Google Translate, Skype, and other big name companies that have taken the time to invest in developing better machine translation and […]

Translation Tools of the Future

By Sarah-Claire Jordan We have already come a long way in terms of translation technology since the innovation of the first computer assisted translation (or CAT) software programs. These allowed translators and clients alike to save time and money when dealing with translations related to each other in some way. The advent of the translation […]

When Words Are Untranslatable

By Sarah-Claire Jordan To say something is “untranslatable” sounds rather extreme, to be honest. If it were taken literally, that would mean that there would be absolutely no way to convey a certain word or idea in any language besides the source one. We know this to be false, of course, as translators have proven […]

Translating with Artificial Intelligence

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Artificial intelligence, or AI, has been on many people’s radars for a long time now. From being a typical trope in many works of science fiction to a reality, so many of us still do not have a good understanding of what artificial intelligence is, and what it is capable of. To […]

Why WordPress Is a Translation Hero

By Sarah-Claire Jordan If you have ever read a blog or considered creating one of your own between 2003 and now, you have probably run across more than a few blogs published thanks to WordPress. Though other blogging tools, like LiveJournal, have been around longer, WordPress is by far the best at what it does. […]

What Can Skype Translator Do for You?

By Sarah-Claire Jordan English is by and far the most common business and commerce language, so much so that it has come to be the lingua franca of the world, practically. Anyone who is anyone in international business has at least a basic level of English that is used to communicate with clients via email, […]

Five Famous Translators to Know About

By Sarah-Claire Jordan We don’t tend to think of translators as being famous or even as important as writers, but they really do make a huge contribution to whatever sector they work in. Here are five famous ones you should know about: 1. Edith Grossman Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Edith Grossman ended up being one […]

What Kinds of Resources Do Translators Use?

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Being a translator is so much more than just being able to take a phrase in one language and regurgitate it in another. As anyone who has tried to translate something using only Google Translate will know, literal translation and machine translation are two methods that just do not cut it. Human […]