Protecting Intellectual Property with Patent Translation Services

December 27, 2018 |

Congratulations! You’ve navigated the application and approval process of a utility, design, or plant patent through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We know how hard it was to get this patent. Wouldn’t it be horrible if it was all for nothing? As difficult as it was to achieve your patent, a US patent is fairly meaningless in other countries where you may conduct business. If you’re competing and doing business in other countries, patent translation services are critical for protecting your valuable intellectual capital in each and every country where you conduct business. Not protecting your patent in other countries could result not just in a loss of income, but in the loss of your patent rights in that country.

In the past, the only way to secure foreign patent protection was to have legal representation in every country where intellectual property protection was needed. This was a difficult, costly process with many opportunities for error. More recently, the Internet has created a way for patent translation services to be streamlined with easy access to the subject matter expertise required for international patents.

If you’re interested in international patent translations the following websites may be of interest:


International Law Research Guides

World Intellectual Property Organization

Keep in mind though that the fact that patent translations can be done online does not eliminate the need for a skilled patent translator, such as Alpha Omega Translations.

Benefits of Alpha Omega’s 20 years of Patent Translation Service Experience


It’s hard for anyone to be an expert in everything. If researching Patent Translations doesn’t seem like a good use of your time, consider using Alpha Omega Translations instead. Alpha Omega Translations has the subject matter expertise to translate patents in all scientific domains in all major languages. We have been translating patent material in over 220 foreign languages for over two decades. Whether the intellectual property that you’re bringing to international markets is in medical, engineering, information technology, electronic, biotech or any other domain, we have experience.

Some examples of our recent and rewarding patent translation services include:

  • Translation of hundreds of thousands of words for French language patents related to research on vaccine for a law firm
  • Translation of a 20,000-word Chinese chemical patent for the USPTO in one week
  • Translation of Japanese patents into English, over 35,000 words in one week, for a patent law firm
  • Translation of a 325-page chemical patent application from English into Spanish, French and Arabic for a patent attorney
  • Translation of 90,000 words of French patents and related documentation in ten days for an opposition filing for a major IP law firm.


Patent translations are one of our primary specialties and represent our single largest type of document translated. With more than 50 clients for whom we provide patent translation services on a daily basis, including top patent law firms, IP search companies and the USPTO, we are a leading provider of patent translations.

Not only are our translators skilled in the complexity of legal languages and terminology, they also have industry-specific knowledge in fields including medical, mechanical, chemical, electronic, and information technology. This allows us to offer patent translation services that go beyond the scope of general legal terminology to include the intricacies and statutory requirements of foreign legal and cultural systems.

If you have patent translation needs, contact us today.

Please see our full list of our available legal translation services, including patents and other intellectual property needs.

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