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Throughout our 20 years of service in the language translation and localization industry, our business has changed. From our humble beginnings with just a few translators mostly interpreting over the phone, we have expanded to the full service language translation and localization partner you know today.

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But, as the saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. The core of our business has remained solid, even through the biggest changes. Our mission is to be the bridge between languages and cultures and to connect people around the globe. We believe that by removing the barriers that keep us from understanding one another, we can forge new partnerships that are the real keys to success.

Our vision is evident in our business practices. We are linguists and industry experts first. Even while we support businesses in their goals to increase revenue by selling globally, we also look for ways to increase cultural awareness, tell the stories that celebrate human diversity, and give back to the community.

Language translation and Localization with Purpose

Here are some of our most notable language translation and localization projects with a larger purpose:

1. Contributions to Global Health Initiatives

Over the past 15 years, we have provided medical translation services for global health stakeholders, international health organizations, NGO’s, hospitals, surgical device manufacturers, medical research institutions, and clinical diagnostic firms. In addition, we have we have assisted numerous Global Health organizations working to control diseases like HIV and AIDS around the world.

One of our proudest contributions has been providing language translation and localization services to organizations involved with the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) initiative Against HIV/AIDS.

Background: In July of 2008, Congress signed into law the H.R. 5501 – the Tom Lantos and Henry J. Hyde United States Global Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Act. This act was a continuation of the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS relief (PEPFAR), launched in 2003. Offering millions of dollars in funding, PEPFAR was the largest commitment signed onto by any nation in the world for the treatment, prevention, and care of millions nationally and globally.

National and global organizations work under the PEPFAR initiative to prevent the spread of this disease, raise social awareness, and help define health care plans and disease treatment of patients in Third-World countries. Alpha Omega Translations provides medical document translation interpretation, desktop publishing services, audio/visual translation, and transcription to support those organizations involved in the PEPFAR Initiative.

Fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic around the globe, especially in the Third-World, requires effective and accurate communications across several different languages and cultures. The PEPFAR Initiative provides support for careful planning and integration of health care systems into pre-existing national and local ones. These founding organizations rely on Alpha Omega Translations to convey their message and health care plans to Latin American and African nations through a multitude of languages and dialects. Our experts are up for the challenge and love to do good work around the world!

2. Our Partnership with the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP)

Not only do we serve global health organizations, we also serve businesses based right here in the DC Metro area through VEDP’s VALET (Virginia Leaders in Export Trade) program. The objective of the program is to assist both new and experienced exporters in entering new international markets. Each year, 25 local companies are chosen to participate in this very selective, 2-year business accelerator program.

Alpha Omega Translations has had a long-standing partnership with VEDP providing language translation and localization services, multilingual web development, content editing, social media integration, and backend development in all major languages. In the business world, connecting with broader audiences and forming relationships with overseas partners means not only an increase in a company’s bottom line. It also means increasing awareness about human experiences in other cultures and geographic locations.

Running an international business is more challenging than running a business based solely in the US or any single country. Without strong organizations, like VEDP, leading the charge, many businesses would ignore the opportunities made available by expanding globally. At AOT, we see enormous potential for companies ready to make this big move and we are excited about helping to make the process easier. With our experience, we have tons of advice to offer beyond standard translation projects. We can help make sure you’re ready to take your company international.

3. Preserving Endangered Languages

Last, but certainly not least, is probably our favorite opportunity to give back to the global community. Our love for culture and diversity means that we have a passion for saving endangered languages. When a language disappears—and linguists expect at least 50% of the world’s 2,000 languages to disappear by the end of this century—we lose an important piece of history. If we don’t all work together to preserve these artifacts of history, we risk losing touch with clues about who we are and how we can better relate to one another.

What can we do?

Linguists and researchers are working with communities that want to preserve or revive their endangered languages. The technology exists to help save these pieces of history through video and audio recordings, plus creating written records in both formal and informal settings.

At Alpha Omega Translations, we strongly support the preservation of disappearing languages. Last summer, our CEO traveled with a BBC reporter to interview the last speakers of the whistled language of Antia, a village on Evia, an island off the coast of mainland Greece. The story and our report have been featured in the media around the world.

Since the original publication, they were picked up by the press in Greece:

This story has also been featured on, which is a collaboration of researchers, linguists, and anthropologists interested in doing their part to preserve endangered languages around the world. Sorosoro sends scientists and technical experts around the world to document rare languages.

Here are the links to the collection of articles:

Seeing this kind of interest really makes us hopeful that we are making a difference. We love the language translation and localization work we do and of course, we love to satisfy our clients and their end users. But the above passion projects are rewarding in their own right. We want to remind the world that there is a human face behind every business.

If you want to be a part of the Alpha Omega Translations community, contact us today. At AOT, we believe every business, every brand, and every individual has a story worth sharing. Let us help you express yours with cultural competence and linguistic expertise!

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