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The Challenges of Sub-Saharan African Translations

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Most of the top languages for translation and marketing these days are European or Asian languages, such as Mandarin, Arabic, or French. While these are important languages to keep in mind for marketing and localization purposes, one must also think about which languages aren’t quite as popular at the moment, but have […]

Origins of the International Phonetic Alphabet

By Sarah-Claire Jordan The International Phonetic Alphabet is something every translator, linguist, speech pathologist, and even singer and actor has probably heard of and worked with. For the rest of us, an introduction, or at least a refresher, might be necessary. In very simple terms, it is the alphabetic system used to represent all of […]

Voice-over Translation in Arabic

By Sarah-Claire Jordan It has been a while since we touched upon a topic related to Arabic, but that doesn’t mean it is any less relevant or important. In fact, one could argue that it is just as relevant as before, if not more, given the continuing crisis in Syria and other parts of the […]

Turkish to Arabic Translation

By Sarah-Claire Jordan With all that is going on in and around Turkey, it would make sense that we would see an increase in the demand for translations from Turkish into other languages. Turkish itself is mutually intelligible with many other Turkic languages, but the majority of the population still speaks Turkish. This means most […]

Best International Business Languages

By Sarah-Claire Jordan This is an age of connectedness, with technology bridging cultural gaps that have existed for centuries, language and communication have become more important than ever before. It’s not enough to simply know a bit about another culture or language in the world of business now. However, so many countries are connected now […]

Top Five Trending Online Languages

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Google has recently released some very important data regarding what languages are the most popular in terms of Google Translate. A few of them are ones that everyone would expect to see on a list of trending online languages, but there are some missing that most would think of as trending, and […]

Roots of the Arabic Language

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Arabic, as a language, has been coming more and more into the limelight due to world events. With all of the people fleeing war and destruction lately, Arabic is bound to spread and be spoken in even more countries. This isn’t something we need to feel wary of, however. Adding to the […]

The Difficulties of Arabic Translation

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Arabic and English are not two languages people generally think of when they are thinking about languages that have a lot of similarities. However, regardless of their differences, English to Arabic and Arabic to English translation are both very pertinent to world events right now and probably will continue to be in […]