Website Translation and Localization

Get your website translated in any language and grow your global business!


We offer translation and localization services that will propel your business in international markets. Our translation solutions are user-friendly and custom-designed to serve your needs for international growth.

We will help you incorporate the best techniques into your company’s international site.

Alpha Omega Translations is a unique one-stop shop with in-house technical resources and expertise for translation and localization of all web content.

We will provide you with:

  • A personal approach to your project management
  • A global network of in-country translators with an unwavering focus on high-quality translation
  • A team of expert localization professionals
  • A veteran team of web developers

When you choose Alpha Omega Translations, you get:

  • Competitive prices through an extended global expert network
  • Rigorously-vetted expert linguist with subject matter expertise in your industry
  • A user-friendly portal to manage all tasks, from quotes to deliveries
  • Comprehensive website translations in all languages and all web file formats, static and dynamic
  • Targeted translations of key landing pages to reach your global audience efficiently
  • Localization and Transcreation of Pay-Per-Click campaigns, Keywords and Ads
  • Translation and localization of needed marketing collateral and web-enabled apps
  • Localization of all user interface, graphics, multimedia and documentation components
  • Comprehensive and customizable quality control processes
  • Utilization of Translation Memory technologies for consistency and cost savings
  • Localization workflows under numerous Web publishing scenarios
  • Online QA and Web testing as required by our clients
  • Client review and approval opportunities at key stages in the process
  • Full-service support for all web content: text, graphics, multimedia, on-line help, audio/video and animation;
  • Full-scale web site localization testing and troubleshooting in all languages (including double-byte and bi-directional languages) for testing site performance, link integrity, character encodings, and browser compatibility in multiple environments;
  • Extensive translation memory technology and databases to leverage translated text, maintain site consistency and reduce translation and update costs;
  • Professional translators with industry-leading credentials in numerous countries;
  • Comprehensive Quality Assurance Program for language, engineering, graphics, animation, audio/video and content development;
  • Customized online project status reporting available to clients.
  • Translation and localization of needed marketing collateral and web-enabled apps

Some examples of our work:

These companies have successfully translated and localized their websites for new international markets. We can help you with website translation and localization strategy for your website translation project.


Become a global internet explorer and incorporate the best techniques into your company’s international site.

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