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Professional translation service for marketing material and media

Marketing materials are critical if your company is serving a global market.

Marketing translation services are a necessary tool for any business looking to reach new customers in a foreign language market.

Translating media content, literature and marketing requires talents and skills that are almost opposite to those required for technical, legal, medical, or scientific translations, in which conceptual exactness and terminological precision are key.

The objective of literary text and marketing copy is to emphasize various aspects of human thought. These types of translations use symbolism, puns and metaphors that target the human emotions rather than trying to convey specific information.

In order to convey the same intent as the original text, we use specialized translators experienced in creative literary translations to express the exact same thoughts, emotions and values of the original author while maintaining the integrity of the work. This talent requires translators who do not just “know” another language, but who are great literary writers themselves.

Media Translations

From press releases and news articles to multimedia specs and digital content, Alpha Omega Translations understands the media industry. We have extensive experience working with top media organizations and understand the need for fast and accurate media translations.  We have been working as a partner with numerous Public Relations services of international organizations for many years.

Having worked with multinational companies and daily newspapers, we serve the particular needs of this industry. In particular, we are organized to provide last minute changes and a quick turnaround on time-sensitive projects.

The following are some of the media related documents we translate:

  • Books
  • Press Releases
  • Digital Content
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Advertisements,
  • Customer Letters and Invoice
  • Brochures and Other Marketing Materials
  • Email newsletters


  • Catalogs
  • Full Press Kits
  • Brochures
  • News Articles
  • Business cards
  • TV and Radio Reports
  • Labels
  • Corporate Communications

Literary Translation

A good literary or marketing translation involves having a feel for the context of the text and being able to match the author’s original intent. Superb writing skills are crucial to produce quality work.

Our specialized translators are trained to understand the literary or marketing context of the text in order to ensure that the translation not only contains what you want, but also how you want to convey your message.

Our founder, Dimitra Hengen, has translated several novels and techno thrillers and has handpicked the best talents. If you have a book to be translated, we are your solution for meticulous literary translation.

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