Machine Translation

Lower Your Translation Costs While Translating High Volume Projects in Less Time

High-volume translation and localization projects require expert skills and fast turnaround technologies. Our human-edited machine translation solutions translate more content faster and at a lower cost by combining the latest industry technology available with the highest-qualified linguists.

You are expanding globally and need to keep up with competition: your customers, suppliers and even employees want information to be available in their own language. Human-edited machine translation is the solution for translating high volumes of content, including websites, documentation, manuals, reports, articles, etc.

Machine Fast But with a Human Touch

Our machine translation technology, combined with other complementary technologies, and ending with human translators checking over each and every step is the secret weapon for companies who are serious about being international. The yield is much faster turnaround times than the traditional translation process.

Scalable and Customizable

Our human-edited machine translation process is scalable and flexible, and human involvement can be increased, decreased, or removed depending on your needs. It accelerates your productivity and complements and empowers human effort. It can be successfully applied to many types of content.

Our post editors are experienced human translators and editors who use their linguistic expertise and eagle-eyed editing skills to produce translated content that gives target audiences a higher-quality reading experience.

You get the best of both worlds: the speed and cost of machine translation combined with the expertise of a human translator’s expertise.

We provide fast machine translation coupled with accurate post editing work regardless of the language combination.

If you are looking for a custom solution, especially if your company excels in a demanding field, then it is time to bring us in. if you are ready to provide more and more localized content to your customers and partners, we bring you solutions that make strategic use of Machine Translation for your brand.

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