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Foreign Language Interpreting and Translation Services for the US Government

SBA Certified HubZone Translation Company

Alpha Omega Translations is a Woman Owned, SBA certified HubZone company that offers government translation solutions (NAICS Codes: 541930, 561410) for U.S. Federal government agencies and government contractors. This special designation provides government agencies and contractors with special credits and advantages for using Alpha Omega Translations’ high-quality services.

Alpha Omega Translations has vast experience in dealing with all facets of government translation services.

Alpha Omega Translations provides translation services to Federal Agencies and Prime Contractors, with particular expertise in the translation of technical and sensitive documents in the areas of Defense, Justice, Development, Agriculture, Health, Environment. We provide government translation and interpreting services between English and all major languages, including: Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, etc. Our work for the federal government and public sector companies includes translation of many of the languages of the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and South America. Our government clients include:


Alpha Omega Translations understands that translated documents must convey the intended meaning of the original author and take into account the subject matter, register, text type, purpose, and audience. Because our customers depend on the accuracy and integrity of the translations we produce, our staff is committed to providing publishable quality translations.

High Quality Guaranteed – Stringent Quality Assurance program employed from project concept to completion; all translations are proofread and edited by a second, professional-level linguist to ensure accuracy.

Professional Linguists – Alpha Omega Translations employs skilled linguists who are rigorously tested on their knowledge of the language, their translation skills, and their respective subject matter expertise.


We understand that your deadlines are crucial, so we strive to exceed your expectations and allow you to meet your own demanding operational schedules.

Our timeliness is facilitated by:

Linguist Availability – Alpha Omega Translations leverages its nationwide and international network of linguists to meet specific customer requirements.

On-time Delivery – A cutting edge workflow system allows Alpha Omega Translations to manage its distributed workforce and process translations to meet customer deadlines efficiently.


A key benefit of working with Alpha Omega Translations is that we provide the U.S. government high-quality translation services in a cost-effective manner. We work closely with our customers to help them spend effectively and avoid unnecessary overhead or other costs often associated with translation services.

We are committed to providing translations to our customers that are accurate and timely, while maintaining a focus on competitive prices.

Alpha Omega Translations offers flexibility and scalable capability to meet customer needs.


Contract Vehicle

GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract

Small Business – Woman Owned – HubZone Certified Business

  • Contract Number: 47QRAA23D00A0
  • DUNS Number: 186149394
  • UEI Number: EVYTGUN9DUM5
  • Cage Code: 36PR0
  • Contract Ordering Period: September 20, 2023 through September 19, 2028.
  • Program manager: Dimitra Hengen
  • Phone 877 421 5958
  • Email:
  • Task order performance can go 15 years beyond Contract Ordering end date.

The primary North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code for the Master Contract is 541930 Translation and Interpretation Services

Why Using Our GSA Schedule

GSA Schedules offer benefits to federal buyers as our GSA Schedule offers federal customers the absolute finest customer service in many purchasing situations. Benefits include:

1.    Savings – both in the ordering process and in the price comparison.

2.    Flexibility and Choice – The GSA Schedule System lists nearly 12 million goods and services.

3.    Shorter Lead Time – When compared to conventional federal buying methods, point-and-click transactions can sometimes be completed in a matter of minutes by federal buyers.

4.    Transparency – The federal vendor’s schedule includes clear quantities and costs.

5.    Control of the Procurement – The federal buyer can browse online for other purchasing possibilities and use the GSA eBuy tool to get bids from vendors they believe have the skills necessary to fulfill their specific procurement.

6.    Lower Administrative Costs – In the course of applying for a schedule, the GSA undertakes the administrative work. This enables federal purchasers to concentrate on the goals of their organizations rather than administrative tasks.

7.    Reduced Inventories – There is no longer a need to place large orders for frequent commodities because federal buyers may point, click, and frequently repeatedly purchase from the same suppliers on GSA Advantage and receive goods in a few days. This spares the government from having to do routine inventory and from having items that are out-of-date or obsolete.

8.    Small Business Targets – 23% of federal procurement funds must be used by agencies to purchase from small businesses. Small businesses make up 35% of GSA sales due to the advantages a GSA Schedule offers in identifying capable small firms. As a result, small businesses having a GSA Schedule generate an average of $1MM in government sales.

Our GSA Schedule is a terrific method to working with the federal government.

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