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Tips for Multilingual Customer Support

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Making it as an international business these days is not the simplest of things. The process of taking a local business and making it global can be difficult and complicated, but it’s all worth it once you start seeing how successful your business can be in foreign markets. Also, in order to compete […]

Why Is English the Language of Science?

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Practically every major science journal you have ever heard of is in English. This isn’t exactly a coincidence, however. Since science is such a broad and collaborative field, it seemed necessary at some point in the past to decide upon a sort of scientific lingua franca and stick with that. As with […]

Technical Industries: A Selection of World Hotbeds

The gleam of a television set penetrates the opaqueness of the evening’s oncoming darkness, transfixing your eyes while the rest of you melts away in a comfortable couch. Your feet are propped up and you relish in the amenities of a modern homestead. When suddenly an advertisement appears, the screen screams more blaringly and the […]

Technical Translation

Technical translation keeps us pretty busy at Alpha Omega Translations. French is the leading language for technical translation. Canada is America’s #1 global trading partner for machinery and many other U.S. products. The province of Quebec requires every product sold there to have French labels and instructions. France is another important export market for U.S. […]

Technical Translation and the Quebec Language Charter

While a sudden wind gust unfurls into the already glacial winter air of Montreal, Canada, a boutique illuminates the open-sign to the respite of passers-by. Full of hippie memorabilia, the track playing through the well ensconced speakers is Signs by the Five Man Electrical Band. A throwback to 1970, the Canadian band’s lyrics deploring signs […]

AOT May Translator Spotlight: Tsiuri P.

Tsiuri P. was born and lives in Tbilisi, Georgia in the USSR. She studied Aviation in school in Tbilisi and has been a translator for 20 years. Tsiuri specializes in the legal, government, military, technical and medical fields and works with European organizations and companies such as Twinning and TACIS. Tsiuri is multilingual; she speaks […]

Translating Legal Stuff

Legal translation is so wide a domain to satisfy almost any field of human interest, which means anything may be codified. The wider the domain is, the more specialized subjects will be: an example may be found in those law firms who devote themselves exclusively to contracts, from the draft to the fulfilment of particular […]

The Thrill of Translating Techno-Thrillers: Mission Possible

For those who believe the translating world is divided in two domains, the literary translation and the commercial translation, translating techno-thrillers can be quite a risky adventure. Having translated several James Bond, science-fiction, and military action novels into French, I discovered that this enterprise requires military organization, scientific research, logistic capabilities and operational readiness; and, […]