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Translation Services and Your Business Strategy— So Many Ways to Say Success!

When you think about revenue killers for your business, what first comes to mind? If you do business in international markets, low-quality, inaccurate translations might top your list. Despite the high stakes, some businesses continue to treat translation services as an afterthought. Thinking in these terms, it becomes evident that translation is not just another […]

Three Reasons To Work With An Experienced Media Production Translator

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Media used to refer to the newspapers and other publications that circulated within communities. Now, with the technology we have developed over the years, it has come to include radio/audio and television/video as well. Translation of texts is one story, but translating for radio or video presents a whole new set of […]

It takes two to tango: the importance of client input in the translation process.

One of the keys for good results in translation projects is the collaboration of clients in the process. Many companies don’t realize that the translation process involves much more that only sending a source document and receiving it in a different language. Some clients expect to send out a source file and then step out […]

Human Guidance for Machine Translation

The rook hovers stealthily from his corner towards the center of the playing field displayed in the blue light of my computer screen. I feel like the next Gary Kasparov as I attempt to counter the moves of the artificial chess player I am entrenched against. My strategy is to not make any expected moves […]

Why DTP is crucial

Depending on the expansion or compression rate of each language combination, the length of translated text is different from the length of the original. It can get longer or shorter, depending on the language combination, and so the layout of the translated document does not perfectly match that of the original. If a paragraph gets […]

Does your Translation need DTP?

You need a document translated but you are not sure what will happen with the formatting once it is translated. Your translated document may need DTP. DTP (desktop publishing) in translation means formatting documents after they are translated. The scope of DTP varies widely, with some projects requiring no DTP at all and others requiring […]

Top 10 Rules for Purchasing Translation Services

For non-linguist, purchasing translation services can be a source of frustration. One sure takeaway is that you, as purchaser, control a lot more than you may realize. Here are ten golden rules for the well-advised client, which will make your job easier, save you money, shorten turnaround time and improve translation quality. 1. Be concise. Invoices for translations […]

The Challenges of Chuukese Translation and Interpretation

Chuukese is the official language of Chuuk, an island group approximately halfway between Hawaii and the Philippines. Chuuk is part of Micronesia, located in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean inhabiting thousands of islands, atolls and islets. Polynesia is more widely known, with islands such as Samoa, Fiji and Tuvalu. Melanesia claims the larger […]