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Looking to Cut Corners on Video Translation? Read This First.

When it comes to translating your English videos for foreign audiences, the range of options available can be overwhelming. There are many tools available promising quick solutions to translate and localize your videos. But how do you know what’s right for your audience? How can you trust these tools to provide an accurate and high-quality […]

Translation Services and Your Business Strategy— So Many Ways to Say Success!

When you think about revenue killers for your business, what first comes to mind? If you do business in international markets, low-quality, inaccurate translations might top your list. Despite the high stakes, some businesses continue to treat translation services as an afterthought. Thinking in these terms, it becomes evident that translation is not just another […]

International Development and Translation

By Sarah-Claire Jordan To start, it might be best to go over what exactly “international development”, also known as “global development”, entails. It is a very vague-sounding term, but it basically means any sort of effort, organization, or program geared towards making life better for those living in underdeveloped countries and regions. This could mean […]

Armenian Translation Challenges

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Armenia is a country that has gone through a lot during the over 4,000 years it has existed as a nation. Yes, that means it was around long before Christianity and a few other religions even existed. Its ancient history sheds light on early civilizations, from wineries to shoe making. It also […]

Alpha Omega Translations selected by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership to provide services to Virginia companies

Press Release Alexandria, VA, July 21, 2016 The Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) has selected Alpha Omega Translations to provide their services to all of the companies in Virginia under the Defense Initiative Program. Alpha Omega Translations will provide a variety of translation services, from manuals and multilingual web development to marketing, in numerous languages […]

Spelling Changes in French are Causing Controversy

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Recently, the French language council announced that spelling changes to the language will be put into effect in time for the upcoming school year. The council, Académie Française, proposed changes to about 2,400 words, which range from removing accents and hyphens to taking out vowels in certain words. Some examples of changes […]

Three Reasons Outsourcing your Translation Projects is the Best Solution

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Many companies think that their best bet in terms of translation is to assemble their own team of translators who work for them full time. This makes sense in many ways, because the team would know exactly what the company needs and can quickly adapt to any changes in the project as […]

It takes two to tango: the importance of client input in the translation process.

One of the keys for good results in translation projects is the collaboration of clients in the process. Many companies don’t realize that the translation process involves much more that only sending a source document and receiving it in a different language. Some clients expect to send out a source file and then step out […]