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Savvy Professionals Protect Against Language Translation Services Scams

Cybercrime is a huge concern for nearly every industry and language translation services is no exception. Companies around the world lose billions in revenue each year to cyber scams and nefarious individuals posing as legitimate businesses. In fact, IBM President and CEO, Ginni Rometty calls cybercrime “the greatest threat to every profession, every industry, every […]

Tips for Multilingual Customer Support

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Making it as an international business these days is not the simplest of things. The process of taking a local business and making it global can be difficult and complicated, but it’s all worth it once you start seeing how successful your business can be in foreign markets. Also, in order to compete […]

Southeast Asian Technical Translations

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Southeast Asia includes any nation east of India, south of China, west of New Guinea, and north of Australia. The region is full of linguistic, cultural, and ethnic diversity, making it an interesting market to try to target. There is also a lot of development in terms of manufacturing and technology, as […]

Three Reasons Financial Translation Can Be Tricky

By Sarah-Claire Jordan First of all, what is financial translation exactly? It is the translation of anything and everything related to banking, finances, and the economy. That being said, it encompasses a wide variety of topics and an even greater number of types of documents and reports. An experienced translator is a necessity when it […]

The Top 3 Reasons Translation Services are Essential for Construction Projects

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Generally, “translation” and “construction” aren’t even part of the same sentence. Even conceptually, they are opposites: one is about creating new buildings, and the other is about communication. However, the reality is that every industry is seeing a shift towards globalization, which means working with people who may not speak your native […]

Three Reasons Outsourcing your Translation Projects is the Best Solution

By Sarah-Claire Jordan Many companies think that their best bet in terms of translation is to assemble their own team of translators who work for them full time. This makes sense in many ways, because the team would know exactly what the company needs and can quickly adapt to any changes in the project as […]

Top 10 Rules for Purchasing Translation Services

For non-linguist, purchasing translation services can be a source of frustration. One sure takeaway is that you, as purchaser, control a lot more than you may realize. Here are ten golden rules for the well-advised client, which will make your job easier, save you money, shorten turnaround time and improve translation quality. 1. Be concise. Invoices for translations […]

The Global Neighborhood: Are You Ready?

Do you know or remember the movie “Pulp Fiction” by director Quentin Tarantino? During a memorable scene, John Travolta’s character, Vincent Vega, talks about MacDonald’s Quarter Pounder and Big Mac in France. While that scene is a sample of director Tarantino’s quirky humor, the concept that Vega talks about is real: Where a product or […]