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Looking to Cut Corners on Video Translation? Read This First.

When it comes to translating your English videos for foreign audiences, the range of options available can be overwhelming. There are many tools available promising quick solutions to translate and localize your videos. But how do you know what’s right for your audience? How can you trust these tools to provide an accurate and high-quality […]

Translation Services and Your Business Strategy— So Many Ways to Say Success!

When you think about revenue killers for your business, what first comes to mind? If you do business in international markets, low-quality, inaccurate translations might top your list. Despite the high stakes, some businesses continue to treat translation services as an afterthought. Thinking in these terms, it becomes evident that translation is not just another […]

Entering Foreign Markets: How Translations Can Propel Your Business in the Next Lauching Pad

Reaching new customers from foreign markets could sound to many companies as leaving their comfort zone in some way. The same thing happens to buyers looking for new services, products or information when they have to do it in a foreign language, they often feel reluctant to make decisions if they can’t communicate in their […]


November 17, 2014 | | 1 Comment

By Andrea Musumeci General theory of translation has notoriously suffered the blow inflicted by the inability of scholars to find a homogeneous academic dialect. James S. Holmes feared that this lack of cooperation could confine translators to a status of “glorified typist” (1994: 103) and nothing more than that. How did this status quo originate? Could […]

AOT Translator Spotlight Global Health: Farida M.

Farida M. has crossed between the French and English worlds. Farida attended Paris VII University in France, where she studied English and obtained her Bachelors of Arts degree. She moved to London for 5 years to further practice the English language, and to Algeria where she taught high school English for about 10 years. Then […]

A Case Study: La Falda Lures Tourists

Thank you to translator Barbara A. who worked on this project. Background During the last five years, the Municipality of La Falda in Argentina saw rapid growth in its influx of foreign tourists. La Falda is a city located in the province of Córdoba, Argentina where the main economic activity is tourism. The authorities decided […]

“The Spanish Acquisition”: A Variety Show

As we mentioned in our article The Global Neighborhood, a product or service might be successful in one cultural context; but then need to be altered—in some cases quite dramatically—to be successful in another. Spanish is a great example.  Although the same language is spoken in many different countries, the meaning can vary greatly region […]

AOT July Translator Spotlight: Barbara A.

Barbara A. was born in Cosquín in the province of Córdoba, Argentina and has been living in the capital, Córdoba, for six years. She attended a technical school, the Instituto de Enseñanza Privada La Falda, and then the National University of Córdoba, where she learned English translation. In 2010, Barbara won a scholarship and went […]