Helping Government Agencies Meet Socioeconomic Goals

July 25, 2018 |

During procurement of any service, the government is required to meet specific goals to support small business, including: small disadvantaged businesses, historically underutilized small businesses, and woman-owned small businesses. Teaming up with such entities is a must when competing for set-aside government contracts. HUBZone certified businesses are awarded sole source (non-bid) as well as limited-pool competitive bid contracts. Businesses with a HUBZone certification are slated to receive a total of 3% of all contracting dollars or $10 billion annually. Factoring in all other considerations, such as lengthy paperwork and processing time, many business owners find the payoff makes it well worth the effort.

Alpha Omega Translations is a woman-owned HubZone certified company.

When you work with us, your company will meet the statutory requirements making you eligible for:

  • Preferential bidding treatment with competitive or fully open bidding situations
  • 10% price evaluation preference
  • subcontracting opportunities

Alpha Omega Translations does more than translation services. We can manage your staff and offer administrative support.

We offer staff management and administrative support by tapping into our vast network of bilingual professionals—who collectively speak and write more than 200 languages. Alpha Omega Translations’ suite of administrative and other professional services assists with all your HR needs.

Human Resources

The flexibility of these on-demand services will give your organization exponential growth every time you:

  • Are unable to hire or retain sufficient staff to meet workloads
  • Need additional staff for a specific project
  • Seek staffing level flexibility
  • Need specialized skills or knowledge
  • Want to retain day-to-day control of all staff

Administrative Support

Within any major project there will be at least two ever-present needs: 1) to save time and 2) to save money. Without efficient, trained administrative support, an entire effort can come to a costly pause. Our administrative services will provide professional support staff to perform a wide variety of confidential secretarial duties, giving your company on-demand access to the skills, experience, and staff that can help keep projects under budget and ahead of schedule. Administrative support includes:

  • Office Management
  • Phone Reception and Message Delivery
  • Payroll Support and Employee Assistance
  • General Administrative Support – assists with internal/external secretarial support

Additionally, we can provide the following more specified support:


QuickBooks-certified staff will set-up files and accounts as directed, sync preferred accounts and import available data; create regular, daily, and monthly reports as related to A/P, A/R, purchase orders and file maintenance; ensure clients have an accounting system which is CAS, FAR, DCAA/DCMA compliant and is deemed adequate for Government contracting. Our team can also assist with payroll processing and tax compliance as needed on a quarterly or annual basis.

Mailing Services

Our clients can use our convenient mailing services for all mailings, including letters, booklets, and newsletters. We facilitate direct mail campaigns to extend fundraising or outreach efforts using focused constituent lists and Every Door Direct Mail® to target specific neighborhoods or ZIP codes. We are also able to receive mail for businesses seeking someone to respond, forward or perform data entry for the customer communications.

Web Hosting and Maintenance

​ Many of our clients’ will have a web-based component to the delivery of their product or service. Websites used for outreach require regular updates or maintenance to be an effective, interactive tool. Often there is extensive savings to be found in analysis of the hosting and web-based services of an organization. Even when there is an existing website, our web developers are available to improve and monitor your website for optimal performance. Coupled with strategic content management, your website can be a major contributor towards your success.

Office Technology Support

From help desk service to cloud implementation programs, our technicians have the skills and experience to implement a wide range of eGovernance solutions to assist our clients. Our IT staff meet the increasing demands on workplace tools and technologies, the glitches in your networks and disruptions to your business. Problems are solved quickly by our 24/7 monitoring, proactive maintenance, and remote and overnight services.

Social Media Management

Our social media experts work with you to create an outreach plan that builds a network of followers, supporters and interested parties. Our team is comprised of IT, marketing and copywriting professionals to make sure your message is engaging and informative.

HubZone Staff Management is an on-demand solution.

Options can be adjusted to meet your needs, budget, timeline, and changing objectives.

  • We provide managed staffing to support a variety of industries and organizations.
  • Our experienced team can provide timely assistance and hands-on guidance to help with special projects or ongoing needs.
  • Alpha Omega Translations delivers accurate training services and orientation to make sure new employees understand your company, products, and services.
  • Our oversight and project management ensure employees maintain proper performance, adherence to tasks, and complete deliverables.

Scalable Staff Augmentation

 Our cost-effective, comprehensive solutions are a combined effort of years focused clerical expertise and project management. This service allows our clients the ability to add team members to any project in order to fulfill any administrative or professional need.

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