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September 20, 2022 |

Grad hatThe work of an academic researcher is a multi-level, multi-faceted process which includes many steps in order to build a reliable and professional reputation.  A researcher’s path into the coveted world of academic notoriety, both on a local and international level, can be long and challenging, and success is determined based on sheer determination, talent and investment.  This investment and determination characterizes each and every stage of a researchers work, and even more so when his work is at the stage of publication, for it is precisely at this hurdle that a quality editing or translation job will drastically impact the chances of publication.

Expanded translation and heterolingual audiences: the instability of academic writing

Witnessing the first instances of globalization, Goethe famously said that ‘national literature’ would progressively become meaningless, since ‘the time of world literature (Weltliteratur)’ had arrived. Two centuries later, when globalization has decisively shaped the world according to a neoliberal pattern, academic writing seems to experience a similar process: ‘national audiences’ seem to matter far less than the elusive ‘global’ or ‘international’ audiences. The impact of these changes upon the creation and circulation of knowledge can be witnessed in the humongous exchange and the challenges posed by these ‘heterolingual’ audiences hungry for transnational knowledge.

We help researchers, scientists, and scholars reach their publishing goals

Universities, colleges, and superior graduate schools are, by nature, highly international institutions, which have explored the role of translation in knowledge production in the humanities and the social sciences as an increasing number of higher education institutions specializing in economics, science, humanities and the arts need to expand their outreach all over the globe.

Whether you are submitting your first manuscript or a masterpiece to your top choice journal, do it with confidence knowing our team of expert linguists have your back. Regardless of your field or area of study, we provide the highest quality services in the industry.

Publications and texts written by university lecturers

To ensure the impeccable translation or editing/proofreading of texts that will be presented to an audience of colleagues in an international context, many lecturers put their trust in our language professionals even if they have good knowledge of other languages themselves. Some of the materials translated for the academic world include:

  • Abstracts of articles;
  • Calls for papers;
  • Scientific reports;
  • Conference and convention presentations;
  • Letters presenting/recommending candidates for external PhD or post-doctorate positions, scholarships, etc.;
  • Opinions on candidates;
  • Peer review;
  • Research projects;
  • Back covers (presentation, blurb and author profile);
  • Theses and dissertations;
  • PhD thesis assessments;
  • Assessments of academic projects or teams from other universities.
  • Conference supporting litterature

We Translate for All Academic Subjects

Alpha Omega Translations has one of the largest teams of professional native linguists and subject matter experts who specialize in translating for a variety of academic disciplines and fields. Whether you need translation services for medical schools, law schools, or finance institutions, we have the experience, best-in-class processes, and cutting-edge technology solutions to ensure the highest level of linguistic quality and localization efficiency. The following is a list of professional schools we serve.

  • Engineering Schools
  • Medical Schools
  • Business Schools
  • Law Schools
  • Veterinary Schools
  • Science Universities
  • Pharmacy Schools
  • Dental schools
  • Liberal Arts Colleges

Academic Translation with Alpha Omega Translations

We specialize in academic translation, editing and desktop publishing. We have a vast experience translating with academia and therefore only work with experienced academic translators and editors, who themselves come from a broad academic background, and are therefore best equipped to provide the highest level translation

Contact us today to be matched up with an expert translator or editor, from our team of leading, handpicked language professionals from around the world. Let us help you publish your work!

For more information about Alpha Omega Translations and learn how we can help you translate, edit and format your work for publication, please visit our website or contact us at

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