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September 22, 2022 |

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Is your school involved with sending students to study abroad in Germany, China, Japan, or other international locations? Chances are you need to translate a variety of program materials between English and the target languages.

Alpha Omega Translations has experience translating marketing materials, terms and conditions, medical authorizations, and release forms for exchange programs, faculty directed programs, partnership programs, and global intensive experience programs.

We have 25+ years of experience working with international students. Our experienced translators are well-versed in academic translation requirements and terminology. We’ll ensure your documents are correctly formatted and translated for US admission offices.

At Alpha Omega Translations, we combine a professional translation staff with helpful, personalized attention in order to provide you with a superior written product that responds to language needs in more than 220 languages.

Academic Translation Services

We have extensive experience working in the field of academia and providing translation services for higher education. Our academic translation services range from providing linguistic support for highly technical academic conferences to translating specialized materials for online learning. As an over 25-year veteran of the language service industry, we have been able to cultivate successful partnerships with a variety of educational institutions for many years.

Administrative or bureaucratic documents in the university sector

Alpha Omega Translations can call on the most advanced technologies to rapidly produce a foreign language version of a university website or portal, i.e. the section aimed at international students (or potential students) interested in the educational program of a particular institution. The translated part of a university website must contain extremely clear content that provides information on the most important selling points of the institution. This includes the characteristics of the university and the services it offers on campus, its degree courses and study programs and plans, information on its lecturers and staff, admissions (non-selective admissions or entrance tests), guidance and consultancy, scholarships and awards, placements and PhDs, international exchanges, academic timetables, notice boards.

In our nearly 25 years of providing translation services for higher education, we have worked with academic institutes around the world by translating brochures, participant feedback surveys, lecture materials, class schedules as well as:

  • Contracts for the rights to publish university texts;
  • Agreements between universities (partnerships, student exchanges, administrative exchanges);
  • Documents and forms for foreign programs (e.g. learning agreements, mission reports);
  • International publisher policies;
  • Scholarship applications;
  • Funding and co-funding requests;
  • Transfer requests (for visiting scholars, visiting scientists and visiting professors);
  • Residence applications;
  • College rules and regulations.

Academic Interpreting Services

Academia is a global industry. Alpha Omega Translations is proud to aid in the global exchange of work and ideas by providing interpreting services for guest speakers and conferences.

We have a long history of providing interpreters for universities and leading institutions around the country. As professional certified interpreters, they are able to communicate smoothly and effectively while relaying your message.

We provide interpreting services for:

  • Academic conferences and talks
  • Visiting professors and speakers
  • Telephone conversations

If you work for a higher education institution and look for reliable translation services in 220 language pairs while taking advantage of no-minimum-fee service with great pricing, look no further! All you need is to get in touch with us. Please visit our website or contact us at

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